TCIA Electrical Hazards Awareness Program
American Red Cross CPR, First Aid, and AED (defibrillator)
TCIA Safety Awareness Program


Electricity is a serious and widespread hazard to the arborist and is a leading cause of accidents and fatalities for tree workers. Almost all arborists in the field have at least some exposure to this hazard. A street lamp circuit, a cable TV wire, even a phone line can be energized with enough voltage to kill. Indirect contact through a green tree branch or other conductive object is an ever-present threat.

A person does not have to touch a wire to be electrocuted, and about half of all electrocution fatalities are the result of indirect contact. Arborists should have the knowledge they need to not only avoid electricity, but to work safely around electrical conductors. Tree Care Industry Association's Electrical Hazards Awareness Program, EHAP for short, assists employers in the tree care industry in fulfilling their obligation to train employees appropriately.

Member- TCIA. voice of tree careAt All Season Tree Service, EHAP is administered as a matter of basic business operations. Owner Brian Kittery and Crew Foreman Kyle Keenan are qualified line clearance tree trimmers, certified under EHAP. All employees of All Season Tree Service are either certified under EHAP or are qualified line clearance tree trimmer trainees under EHAP. Administration of TCIA's EHAP ensures that employees receive training in aerial lift operations and rescue procedures, safe limb rigging, proper use of tools for line clearing, First Aid and CPR certifications through the American Red Cross, and training in urban forestry and tree care operations.

Crew Chief Kyle Keenan (kneeling) and crew members 
practice the use of a defibrillator, and CPR and First Aid techniques as prescribed by the American Red Cross.We require our entire crew to attend CPR, First Aid, and AED (defibrillator) training at intervals as prescribed and administered by the American Red Cross. Further, we administer to each tree crew member the Safety Awareness Program through TCIA, an extensive and ongoing program which consists of videos, field classes, and tests in safe practices in the field.

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