Our Start in The

Tree Care Business

Hurricane Gloria is plowing up the eastern seaboard, threatening a hard hit in the Boston area. The storm is a hot topic on every news program and weather forecast. Working nights in the warehouse at Polaroid in Norwood, Brian Kittery purchases a chainsaw for $200 at a local hardware store with the idea in mind that he might make some extra money doing storm clean up of downed limbs over the coming weekend. Some of his co-workers tease him for having “wasted $200.”

Hurricane Gloria hit the Boston area with all of her might and over that next weekend, Brian and a buddy went out and cleaned up what they could manage, literally knocking on doors of people who had tree limbs and whole trees down on their walkways, driveways, and in their yards. Brian and his friend made some money for their efforts and continued on from there, partners working at tree cutting during the days and heading into their warehouse jobs at night.

How Our Small Business

Grew Over Time

After about a year, Brian’s partner decided that he just wanted to work at his regular job and to start a family. They remain good friends to this day.

Brian, with the support of his wife, Laura – a legal secretary and paralegal by trade – continued on with the little tree cutting business. Eventually, each of them left their “regular” jobs to nurture their small business and grow it into the full-service tree care company that it is. Today, All Season Tree Service offers a full suite of tree services including tree pruning, tree maintenance, stump grinding & more.

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